Veteran Services

There & Back Again works with veterans pre-deployment and post-deployment through the Active Army, National Guard, Army Reserve, Veterans Administration, Student Veteran Associations, and Veterans Service Organizations. Veterans who are introduced to alternative therapies, sooner rather than later, are finding immediate benefits that relieve their symptoms of PTSD. They are able to self-regulate, reduce the need to take multiple medications and its side-effects, and find peace so that they can fully participate in their lives. In order to cultivate a willingness to learn about and utilize the tools provided by yoga/mediation, we have developed an educational and experiencial approach that incorporates yoga, meditation and martial arts; traditional and alternative therapies; retreats; and yoga teacher certification.

Wellness Reintegration Program

Enroll in one of our ongoing wellness program and learn how yoga, meditation and breath awareness helps alleviate symptoms of PTSD such as insomnia, anxiety, anger, depression, isolation, inability to concentrate and many others. The weekly sessions incorporate the above techniques which provide veterans with many tools to self-regulate. As part of the program, veterans have the opportunity to learn about and experience a holistic session which includes Reiki, Acupuncture, Chiropractics, Massage Therapy and other alternative therapies.

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There & Back Again representatives are available to provide educational workshops at military conference such as pre-mobilization, post-mobilization, family readiness, warrior transition units, annual Medical Corp. Service-members and their families, medical professionals and DOD civilians can benefit from understanding the foundation of wellness practices and locate a program that suits their needs.

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Train the Trainer

There & Back Again offers scholarships to combat veterans who are interested in enrolling in our Train the Trainer Program. This program is a 200-hour program that certifies veterans to teach yoga. After experiencing the benefits received from yoga and meditation, veterans want to share this wellness service to their fellow veterans. There & Back Again collaborates with Charlestown Yoga to offer this training.  There may be training available in your area

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There & Back Again offers day and weekend retreats to combat veterans. During these retreats, veterans get to come together in a quiet environment. During this time, veterans get to reunite with other veterans who’ve shared similar military experiences and discover wellness tools to facilitate self-healing and self-care.

The Warrior Connection

There & Back Again has partnered with the Warrior Connection (TWC). At the core of The Warrior Connection Program is a residential Warrior Retreat where a veteran can connect with his or her Core Self. In the woods of southern Vermont, away from the demands of life, a safe haven is created for groups of veterans from any theater, to resolve loss, repair moral injury, and mitigate post-traumatic stress.

For five days, veterans are gifted the opportunity to stop and face themselves to:

* Discover who they truly are
* Replace anger, frustration and loss with compassion for self and others
* Learn simple yet powerful techniques for creating balance and harmony
* Commit to living by an honorable Code of Conduct
* Develop mindfulness skills
* Strengthen inner resources
* Learn simple, self-expression techniques
* Bond with fellow veterans
* Explore the healing power of vulnerability
* Discover the healing power of forgiveness
* Move toward a more silent mind
* Transform military skills
* Find new ways to serve others

TWC is committed to connecting veterans with themselves, their families and their communities so they can become the man or woman, parent, spouse, friend or community contributor they want to be!  View their website

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Holistic Clinics

There & Back Again partners with wellness practitioners and offers monthly clinics offering free services to combat veterans. Clinics offerings include massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, aroma therapy, chiropractics, nutrition, Chinese medicine, Reiki and many others.

Monthly Wellness Clinic in Charlestown

Held on the third Friday of every month at 1:30


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Ongoing Programs

To learn more about our ongoing programs, please visit the Ongoing Events page. If you are interested in a program in your area, please contact us to find out more.



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