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Military Medical Acupuncture

Each month, between 40-60 patients receive acupuncture from the Alternative Medicine Clinic at the Malcolm Grow Medical Center on Andrews Air Force Base. Watch video below.

Army Captain and ‘Real Warrior’ Stress Importance of Early Intervention

On April 21, 2007, while on patrol, a sniper shot and severely wounded Army Capt. Joshua Mantz and killed his comrade. Although a devastating event, Mantz experienced no long-term psychological trauma, which he credits to the preventive psychological health care he received while hospitalized for his physical injuries. The bullet severed a femoral artery in…

Holistic healing offers new alternative to medicine

By Sgt. Lindsey Bradford, United States Forces-Iraq Public Affairs Office BAGHDAD (Feb. 12, 2010) — Since the Army introduced the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program in October 2009, there has been much focus on a holistic approach to physical, emotional, social, spiritual and family well-being. But what is holistic healing exactly? Read more

A Chat with Sue Lynch

By R. D’Angelo | Charlestown resident Sue Lynch credits yoga with saving her life. After a decade of struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Lynch, who has served in the Army Reserve for the past 24 years, is the owner of Charlestown Yoga and founder of There and Back Again, a wellness reintegration program providing…

Support Our Troops ~ in word and deed

By “Boots On The Ground”: Radio show on Our special guest will be Sue Lynch JD, E-RYT, Gulf War Veteran and Executive Director of There & Back Again ~ Navigating Life After War. Listen to the radio show

Veterans Turn To Yoga To Cope With PTSD

By Deborah Becker and Lisa Tobin EASTON, Mass. — On the attic floor of an old YMCA, Derek Adameic is sitting in the lotus position, cross-legged with his eyes closed. The lights are dim and soothing music plays. He’s practicing yoga. He inhales deeply, then lets out a long, deep breath. Adameic hasn’t always been…

On The World: Healing from War

VoiceAmerica radio program with host Jen Eramith The US has been involved in war throughout its history, we are more aware than ever that the effects of war are devastating. Lately we read about veterans returning home with physical and psychological traumas that can take many years to heal. The effects of war on veterans…

Veterans use yoga in war with PTSD

by Greg St. Martin A year ago, Denise Moquin hit her breaking point. She’d returned from Iraq four years earlier after serving as a medic, but acclimating back to her life in Manchester, N.H., was extremely challenging both physically and emotionally. In her words, she was in an “unhealthy place.” Read more

Women’s Veteran Network – Spring 2009 Newsletter

Women’s Veteran Network Spring 2009 Newsletter Get Newsletter

CCTV Easy Access presents There & Back Again

CCTV Easy Access presents There & Back Again


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Incorporate our wellness program into your pre-mobilization and post-mobilization cycle to address your units’ mental health and morale. Read more

VA & Vet Center Clinicians

Learn how our wellness services compliment services veterans are currently receiving. Help veterans self-regulate and participate in the healing process of combat deployments. Read more

Reserve & National Guard Yellow Ribbon Programs

Proactive wellness strategy supports service-members and families before, during and after deployment. Learn how wellness briefings will prepare service-members Read more